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Southern Region

The Southern Region includes the states of Parana, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul. Those three states covers 576,300.8 km ², where snow and frost are common. The independent Gaucho culture (Southern Brazilian cowboys) is very strong in the region, which begins at the south of the State of Parana and ends in the North of Argentina.

The Southern Region is a great tourist, economic (agriculture, manufacturing and technological base) and cultural pole that borders with Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay as well the Center-West Region, the South-East Region and the Atlantic Ocean. The region has the highest standard of living in Brazil and in Latin America. It has received large numbers of European immigrants during the 19th century and still has a large and strong influence on its demography and culture. The main ethnic groups are Brazilians of German, Swiss, Austrian, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, Russian and Ukrainian descendants. Other European ethnic groups are Brazilians descendants from France, Belgium, Greece, Armenia, Central and Eastern European nations (mainly from Hungary, Czech Republic and former yugoslavia), the United Kingdom (Scotland, Wales and England), Ireland, Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. Other Minorities are the multiracial mixes (mainly black mixed with white), Arabs/Muslims (Majority are Brazilians descendants of Syrian, Lebanese and Palestinian immigrants), Brazilian descendants of Eskimos from Alaska and Canada…yes, you read that well, Brazilians of Asian descendants (mainly from Japan and South Korea), black Brazilians and Native Americans.

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