Proclamation of the Republic

Proclamation of the Republic Day is a public holiday in Brazil to commemorate the establishment of federal republic of Brazil by Field Marshal Deodoro da Foncesca on 15 November 1889. The holiday also marks the downfall of the Empire of Brazil. The Brazilians observe Proclamation of the Republic Day on 15 November every year.

The transformation of Brazil’s government system from a constitutional monarchy, the Empire of Brazil, to a Constitutional Republic began with a dispute concerning the abolition of slavery in the country. Although Emperor Pedro II who ruled Brazil at that time agreed with the abolition of slavery, the law making power in the monarchy rejected the idea since they thought that slavery was essential to the economy of the Empire.

At time, Brazilian people who were fed up with the monarchy because of poverty in their country started republican movement. This growing republican movement made use of the slavery dispute to change public opinion and created bad impression of the monarchy. Eventually, the republican side succeeded in persuading the emperor’s military to revolt against the monarchy. Early in the morning of 15 November 1889, Field Marshal Manuel Deodoro da Foncesca succeeded in conquering the monarchy, and declared the proclamation of the Republic of Brazil.

  1. July 3, 2012 at 3:09 pm

    This was a very unfortunate event and covered in shame.Deodoro was a traitor, and stupid. He was led to think that his actions against the ministry caused his order of arrest, and to avoid this he, overthrow the throne. He died in shame 2 uears later, and never recovered from it . He wrote in his Faith of Office, ” …I should have listened to my wife, and stayed at home that day….”

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