National Anthem of the Federal Republic


The history of the Brazilian national anthem is closely linked the making of modern Brazil. It was composed, at the time, by Francisco Manuel da Silva (1795-1865), in 1822. Pedro I declared Brazil independent in September of the same year. The anthem became a popular song in 1831, following the addition of lyrics celebrating the abdication of Pedro I. The lyrics were later changed at the time of Pedro II’s coronation.

Although it was not officially designated as the national anthem, the melody without the lyrics became popular during the reign of Pedro II and was widely used. It was formalized as the National Anthem in 1890, following the proclamation of the Brazilian Federal Republic. However, the anthem had different lyrics in different states.

It was not until 1922, during the celebration of the centenary of the Proclamation of Independence, that an adaptation of the lyrics, initially proposed by Osorio Duque-Estrada (1870-1927) in 1909, became the official lyrics.


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